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« Where are you ?
I want to talk to you. To make you understand : that you’re here, in front of me, that you want to relax, that you don’t want to talk about yourself.
There is only one story : the story that ones live, so keep up your mind! Be aware of what you are, keep your neighbor in mind, think about me.
Because I’m a dancer here, but I’m also a Facebook pal and an Instagram follower. I consume myself and I do exist somewhere else. » 




































1 performer

Time 30 min 

Space 10m x 8,5m
Black box
1X Linoleum Noir

1X écran pour projection 5x3m

3X rétroprojecteurs


1X Siège 

3X profondeurs latéraux classiques PC et Frontaux classiques PC et Rasants latéraux

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أين أنت؟
التحدث إليك.
تجعلك تفهم أنك هناك ، أمامي

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